Tuesday, 16 September 2014

*Family Gathers Around our Hearts and are Bound Together*

Hi there!

I hope you are doing well?   We are having full blown Summer right here in September and it is lovely, eventhough it is very hot already.  Still waiting for Spring... and would love for the rain to come, so that our garden can be green GrEEn GREEN again!!

I have been working on this special layout with snippets of our families for a while now using Let's Scrap Sketch #5-14-14. {In case you missed my previous post, Let's Scrap Sketches can now be found on this blog...  Let's Scrap Sketches.} It just did not want to look right... but it grew on me... and with a few changes here and there, I can say that I am as happy as I can be with it.  I suppose no scrapbook layout would ever be or feel finished to me and I will never ever be 100% happy with it!! ;-)  I have my OCD times, eventhough not much with scrapbooking, as I feel life is stressful enough, no need to incorporate it into scrapbooking! I enjoy my scrapbooking therapy way too much to be a "perfect" scrapper. ;-)

The photos are all about our families... on my husband's side as well as my side.  Family dear to us, family members we have lost, family looking down from Heaven on us, family we would like to remember for the good times we had together and family we love.  In the middle photo is my Grandfather Eddie.  He was in his 80's and still working when he passed away last year October {2013}.  On the day this photograph was taken, he laughed so much with us and enjoyed especially his great-granddaughters company very much. We walked in his lovely garden and enjoyed the views.  He gave the girls cookies from the pantry and took us up into the mountain behind his house, walking the steep stairs all the way up on his own. He showed them the beautiful plants growing there and they picked fruits like grenadillas for them to take home.  Good times indeed. ♥

Well here it is... I hope you enjoy it with me! And please remember to leave a comment, it is always much appreciated!!


*Family Gathers Around our Hearts and are Bound Together*


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