My Studio

This is my studio... and yes, I took the pictures when it was VERY VERY tidy!! ;-)
I have made some changes and will post it here as I go along...

 I absolutely love & enjoy this very special room tremendously!!  I don’t always spend as much time there as I would like, but I try to spend some of my mornings here when my kids are at school.  Our afternoons are a bit hectic and I only get to sit down again after dinner.  Anyway, it was our old garage which was never really used,  we put in a window {ourselves!?}, made it part of the house and converted it into my room, as my stuff was totally taking over the house.  It is a very sunny & light room and it's painted & colour washed in green & blue on the one wall and in 2 shades of pink on the other wall.
 A lot of creating & painting & scrapping & chatting & crying {while scrapping with friends} & teaching & laughing & playing music loud & even dancing have happened in this room!!!
I couldn't have asked for more and say THANK YOU for this lovely blessing of a room every single time I walk in there!!   And off cause Thank You to my Hubby for helping me convert it & believing in my Dreams!! ♥

My girls say it’s the best room in the house and I tend to agree with them!!

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